Ssemuko Willy


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Ssemuko Willy
  • Date of Birth: 29th March 1982
  • Parents: Mr. Ssemuko Sam and Mrs. Regina Ssemuko


SSEMUKO WILLY a.k.a Sem Willy

Film Producer | Writer | Director | Editor | Cinematographer | Actor

Born on 29th March 1982 by Mr. Ssemuko Sam and Mrs. Regina Ssemuko, Willy hails from Kikyuusa in Luwero District. He is a protectant and started acting in the 1998 through church performances. This inspired him to join Nanda Theatre Stars and later Nvujjo Cultural Troup.

To further his acting career, he joined Diamonds Ensemble which marked the rise of his fame as he featured in several national stage plays that included but not limited to:

  1. 1. Akanyola Bikya
  2. 2. Bakisimba mu Ddwaniro.
  3. 3. Enyonta
  4. 4. The Gallo (Akalabba)

He also acted in TV Series and movies like:

  1. Bosco (The untold Story)
  2. Feeling Struggle
  3. Kigambo (TV Series on Record TV) 
  4. London Shock (TV Series then on WBS)
  5. Mukajanga
  6. Murder in the City
  7. Omutuuze (TV Series then on UBC)
  8. Ssuubi (TV Series then on Bukedde)
  9. The Honorable

From 2005, he has featured in several music videos like:

  1. “Bank yebyama byo” by Kato Lubwama
  2. “Christmas y’omwaka guno” by Bobi Wine
  3. “Kanya Mpisa” by Haji Haruna Mubiru

In 2007, Willy started his journey as a cinematographer and Editor were he worked on a number of music videos to include:

  1. “Kantambule naawe” by Juliana Kanyomozi
  2. “Mr.Kataala” by Bobi Wine
  3. “Nzikiriza” by Azizi Azion
  4. “Sonyiwa Munno” by Eddy Kenzo
  5. “Yamba” by David Lutalo
  6. “Nafuna” by David Lutalo

From 2009, he advanced his career by venturing into film editing and he has worked on films that included:

  1. Ekyama(The secret)
  2. Kinamba 7
  3. Naliwo (I was There)
  4. Nze Ggwe
  5. Dream man (Ekiruyi)
  6. Ziraba Muzaale

He is today one of Uganda’s film producers and has so far produced a number of movies to include but not limited to:

  1. Blood Nyugunya
  2. Gawandagala
  3. Loser
  4. Non’t Alone
  5. Obulumi (The pain)
  6. Owange y’anzita