Association of Cinematographic Interpreters & Publishers (ACIP) Limited

PearlwoodWith over two decades of existence, the guild is now a fully registered body of Video Jockeys (VJs) and film publishers in Uganda. The guild was registered on 23rd July 2018. Video Jockeys have become a significant brand on Uganda’s film market and the guild comprises of the leading VJs on the land.

Alongside Film Publishers, the guild’s core role is to promote content and in partnership with all other key stakeholder guilds, ACIP ensures the availability of film information and DVD content across the country.


Main Objective

To unite Video Jockeys and Film Publishers for socio-economic development.

How to join the VJs & Publishers Guild

  1. Download and fill the application form. Click here to download.
  2. Deliver the application form to the offices or scan and email a fully filled and signed copy on
  • Attach a copy of your valid National ID/Passport/Driving Permit


The guild is administered by an executive committee that comprises of:

  Full Name(S) Office
1 Kayijja Ukasha President
2 Majjimbi Edirisa Vice President
3 Katende Ronald Secretary General
4 Tabula Timothy P.R.O
5 Mayambala Eddie Treasurer
6 Ssebanyiga Moses Programs Manager
7 Kangave Abasi Coordinator


The full list of VJs and Publishers