Vvolongoto mu Mukwano (2016)

Family Drama | 100 Min
Vvlongoto Mu Mukwaano

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 06 Sep, 2016
  • Starring: T.West Ttabu Wasswa, Mirembe Florence, Bikoomi Samuel, Magezi Tabitha
  • Language Available in Original Language and VJ Emmy translation
  • Producer: BIKOOMI SAMUEL
  • Director: T.West Ttabu Wasswa

Movie Story


Veronica falls in love with her former housekeeper-Bruce. One fine morning while in the boy’s single room, her husband’s spy catches them in the act. Veronica and Bruce narrowly escape, and the village becomes a battle ground.

Now available on YOTV Channels brought to you by MTN Uganda




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Vvlongoto Mu Mukwaano

Vvolongoto Mu Mukwano

Family Drama

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