A safe, healthy and prosperous community through film on the

FOR HER 2021

For Her 20

This is a project to produce, exhibit and distribute full length (60-85 minutes) feature films on the theme; FOR HER 2021 in advocacy of a safe, healthy and prosperous community for the Girl-Child and Women. Especially after the Covid-19 Pandemic and its lockdown, various reports have expressed rising human rights suppression where girls and women are the most victims. FOR HER 2021 theme films shall inspire the ideology of supporting, protecting and empowering the girl child and women.

Social Issue in Focus

FOR HER 2021 is about supporting, protecting and empowering the girl child and women in our community. The main objectives of this project are:

  1. To highlight the inequalities faced by the girl child;
  2. To promote awareness and the importance of the girl child’s rights, safety, education, health and nutrition; and
  3. For Gender advocacy to promote women’s rights and gender equality.

Film is entertainment, information, communication, therapy and a strong mobilization tool. Pearlwood members (film producers) shall receive training in quality production and be facilitated with information about the theme with the aim that each shall develop script(s) from the given information. The scripts shall be reviewed and on approval, a producer shall have access to the standard equipment to produce the script into a film.For Her 2021

With partnerships with different stakeholder groups, the films shall be distributed and exhibited in Uganda and best participants shall be recognized at the end of the year, Pearlwood Awards 2021.

Non-Ugandans are also encouraged to register with Pearlwood and submit their full length films for exhibition and distribution in Uganda. The films in context MUST be in-line with the theme and shall be distributed in accordance with the Distribution Guidelines of Pearlwood and this category of films shall also participate in the end of year Pearlwood Awards.

The major limitation to creativity in support of the program is lack of access to standard production equipment, a factor that hikes the production cost. It is upon this background that we call upon all forms of assistance towards Pearlwood so as to acquire or access standard production equipment.

For more Information or contributions about this Project:

Mr. Tumushabe Godber

(Director – Pearlwood Awards Committee)

Great Lakes Institute of Strategic Studies

Plot 5, Martyrs’ Road
Ministers’ village, Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda.

Telephone No.: (+256) 414 660 439 | 777 235 561| 755 000 737

E mail: awards2021@pearlwood.net

Website: www.glissafrica.org