Vicent Flex Tuyite


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Vicent Flex Tuyite
  • Date of birth: January 1st, 1995



a.k.a.   Black Prince


Email: | Tel:      (+256) 751 661 048 / 770 651 191

Actor | Director | Producer | Editor

Black prince was born on 1st Jan. 1995 in Kampala. He is a Prince in the Buganda Kingdom and the first son of an electrical engineer Prince Ndawula Edward and Mrs. Namulondo Betty. After finishing his studies in 2013, he was inspired into the film industry through watching films which is highly his hobby.

This awakened his sleeping talent and passion. He joined Action Triggerz/Kikankane Squad as an actor and took production and post-production lessons in Vortex Films courtesy of Mzee Bwanika. He also attended a Masters Class film training session at Kampala Film School and graduated as a Film Editor.

He later started his own production house and is the CEO of Sky Motion Filmz.


1 Cursed bed Actor & Editor
2 Mad protector Actor & Editor
3 Obsessed prisoners Actor
4 The pain Actor
5 The sacrifice Actor, Editor
6 To save a life you lose a life Actor, Director, Editor
7 Untold story of Bosco Actor
8 Way to Salvation Actor, Director, Producer
9 Zabiike Editor, Sound designer
10 Zinada okuywa Actor, Editor