Nayebare Sarah

Sarah Khan

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Nayebare Sarah
  • Date of birth: 22nd July 1991



a.k.a Sarah Khan


Born on 22nd July 1991, Sarah hails from Kyolola in Ssembabule District by the Late Mr. Fudyeli Kanyonyozi and Mrs. Justine Tibejuka. She started acting in 2009 but her 1st featured film (Olutaro lwo’Kuzaala – Empty Tin) was only released in 2011. She has since then taken on acting as her career.

In addition to acting, Sarah Khan also does Script Writing. Very passionate about her talent, Sarah is one of the renowned Ugandan film actresses that have gone beyond limits to achieve the required character. Her dedication and consistence are fundamental to celebrity she has made herself.

Capable of speaking Luganda, Runyankole and English, Sarah has acted in a wide genre of films to include but not limited to:

  1. Abagwira
  2. Akasoobo ka Neighbor
  3. Amadu go’Busika
  4. Amaka ge’Mizimu
  5. Bad House Girl
  6. Bosco (The untold Story)
  7. Ekisirani Kya’Sadaaka
  8. Ekiwomereze Pt.1 & 2
  9. Entanda yo’Munaku
  10. Esabo lyo’Musika
  11. Jasmine
  12. My Pastor My Evil
  13. Obugaga bwemiranga
  14. Obugaga Obukusike
  15. Olutalo lwo’Kuzaala
  16. Walumbe tutte Omukago