Mzee Bwanika Julius


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Mzee Bwanika Julius
  • Height: 6' (1.83 m)



Tel:      (+256) 772 769 240 | 754 692 183

Twitter:            @MzeeBwanika

Facebook:       @mzee.bwanika


Office(s) held:        Speaker, Pearlwood Board of Directors

                                     Secretary General, Film Producers Guild (ACFPUL)

A Christian | Father | Film Producer | Human Rights Activist

Born on 12th June 1982, he hails from Kalungu, Bukulula Lusanga Village. From the background of great theatrical performance as an actor, writer & director of stage plays, he started producing films in 2005. He studied Film & Television Production, ICT and, Financial & Business Computing. He is a co-founder and C.E.O of Vortex Creations Limited and now Vortex Films.

He is a composition of great talent in film production with outstanding skills in Writing, Editing, Directing and Producing. He has worked on a wide range of production to include: high & low budget films, documentaries, stage drama, and TV Series. His film “NALIWO” (I was There) won the award of Movie of the Year in 2012 after over five years from the year of production; and Last Verdict won the awards of Best Editor and Best Screen Play in 2016.

He was the Information and Data Analyst for the audiovisual collecting Society (Uganda Federation of Movie Industry) from 2010 – 2012, and was the Vice President of the UFMI Producers’ Guild from 2013 till he resigned in 2017. He is also an Alumnus of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and the Chairperson of the YALI Uganda Central Cluster.

He is driven by his commitment to social justice, practical inclusion and equality. On completion of YALI RLC-EA (Leadership Course), he focused to enhance his agenda of social-economic transformation of the young people; colored with “FOR-HER Campaigns” to advocate for the rights and interests of the Girl Child and Women.

He aspires and strongly believes in justice and a self-sustainable community that he strongly advocates for through his career as a film maker and with film being a strong mobilization and information tool.

He is the current Speaker of the Pearlwood Board of Directors and the Secretary General of the Producers Guild.

Here below are some of the film projects he has worked on:

  Film/Title Genre Role Year
1 The Untold Story of BOSCO Family Drama Director 2019
2 Kirimululu Action Producer & Director 2018
3 Omwana Waani Stage Drama Producer & Director 2018
4 ONEKA Family Drama Producer & Director 2018
5 Single Room Family Drama Producer & Director 2018
6 Smart Phone Family Drama Producer & Director 2018
7 My New Neighbour GBV Short Film Producer 2017
8 Obukalabanda bwe Kyagwe Horror Director 2017
9 Ensibambi (Pt. 1) Family Drama Producer & Director 2016
10 Ensibambi (Pt. 2) Family Drama Producer & Director 2016
11 Last Verdict Action/Detective Producer & Director 2016
12 Weekend Venders (Bitabuse) Family Producer & Director 2015
13 The Williams (Pt. 2) Family Drama Producer & Director 2011
14 The Williams (Pt. 1) Family Drama Producer & Director 2010
15 Too Close (Season 1 & 2) TV Drama Producer & Director 2007
17 I was There (Naliwo) Romance Producer & Director 2006
16 Behind the Scene Christian Film Producer 2005