Mwanguya Lauren


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Mwanguya Lauren
  • Date of birth: 2008 June 22nd



Film Actor

Born in 2008 June 22nd at Kyazanga Hospital in Lwengo District; by Ssesimba Taddeo (his mentor in this film industry) and Ms. Namwanje Hellen. Lauren started acting in 2017 and day by day, he looks up to featuring in more movies given his growing passion as a young star.

His 1st film project was Blood Revenge Movie in 2011 available on Youtube; In 2018, he acted in Magic stick movie as Lauren and in Struggle Movie as Daniel. In 2019, he featured in Mweruka as Young village star which was his interesting character ever since he joined the industry.

In 2020, he acted in RUN BOY RUN short movie and in web series called EZZIGA/ABAANA BAKADAAMA MU MATIGGA available on Youtube:

In 2020, he acted in EKYAMBIKA Short movie available on Youtube:

Day in, day out, he’s adding something on this industry.