Mugaya Faizo

Mugaya Faizo

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Mugaya Faizo



Film Producer

Mugaya Faizo is a male Ugandan actor, Film Producer and comedian born on 07th October 1988 in Magamaga village, Mayuge district, eastern Uganda. He started acting during his primary and secondary school. Having seen the challenges that other fellow ghetto youth face, Mugaya through his talent further decided to join hands with other youth in different activities like football, music, dance and drama especially those who also had the same idea to form an organization called Katanga Ghetto Development Link (KGDL) where he is now the executive director. This project (KGDL) basically aims at changing lives of the poor people living in the slums of Katanga among other ghettos of the world.

Besides the above, in 2019 Mugaya decided to join hands with some of his talented friends all under KGDL to form a community radio called KATA FM, also in the slums of Katanga with a mission; “To sensitize, support, strengthen and enrich ghetto community through innovative educational programs that promote health, unity, and education with freedom of expression.” where he is now working as the programs director thus changing lives of the vulnerable and poor people living in the slums of Katanga, Uganda and the whole world.

In addition to the above, Mugaya is also the founder and CEO of 12Stars Universal Pictures (a film production entity registered under the government of Uganda). He is also a co-founder of the Film Producers Guild that is the Association of Core Film Producers Uganda Limited were he has served as the Mobilizer.

From a humble and back ground, Mugaya is now well known by his Ugandan movies and has inspired many children and youth whose dream is to become actors and actresses. In his quotes, he says, “ I want to change the ghettos through movies and break the record of Uganda Film Industry.”

He has produced a number of movies to include but not limited to:

  1. Abonoonyi-Sinners (Part 1&2)
  2. Akasoobo Ka Neighbor (Part 1&2)
  3. Balimisa Mizimu (Part 1&2)
  4. Ekikolimo Kye Kyikka
  5. Ekimyanso-The Flash
  6. Kaleke Kasome
  7. Kalooli Omulogo
  8. My Mother My Blood
  9. Stupid Hearts
  10. Today Is Me

Besides producing all the above, he is also known for acting and featuring in movies like:-

  1. Abagwaggwa Abanna (The Four Idiots) (Part 1&2)
  2. Abagwira (The Strangers)
  3. Abasawo Bekibuga (Traditional Doctors) Part 1&2
  4. Akaalo Ka’batabangufu
  5. Amaka G’emizimu (Ghosts Home)
  6. Amasanganzila Mu’mukwano-Nakuya (The Village Girl)
  7. Asiika Obulamu
  8. Bbwa Ddene
  9. Befuula-The Chameleon
  10. Bukenya (The Curse Man) Part 1&2
  11. Bwanga (The Evil Marriage)
  12. Chicago Bastards
  13. Dongolo (Part 2)
  14. Ekibwatukira (Tragedy)
  15. Guardian of Katanga (Part 1&2)
  16. Gun Point (Embligo)
  17. Kabazzi-The Axe Man
  18. Kifeesi (Psalms 23) Part 1&2
  19. Lubowa and the Acts of Hatred (Part 1&2)
  20. Matia Mulumba
  21. Mombwe’ Part 1&2
  22. Mugaba (The Good Evil) Part-1, 2, 3 & 4
  23. Mulumbe Lwa Nsubuga (The Nsubuga’s Funeral) Part 1&2
  24. Musajja Akaawa-Dangerous Man
  25. Musawo Nedda (Doctor)
  26. Nze Amutwala (Game of Beauty)
  27. Obulamu Bwekizikiza (Life Of Darkness) Part 1&2
  28. Obwenzi (Cursed Bed)
  29. Okunonyereza (The Trace)
  30. Oluberyeberye (The Genesis) 1&2
  31. Omuyiggo (The Hunts)
  32. Other Side of A Woman
  33. Protect Rene
  34. Samanya
  35. Sekiboote Mu Geyena
  36. Semuyaba Part 1&2
  37. Ssabulenya
  38. Ssematalo (Life Triangle TV Serie) Episode 1,2,3,4 & 5
  39. The World Is Yours –( From Canada)
  40. Vva Kutaka Part 1 & 2
  41. Winged Guardian Part 1 (Animation-From Egypt-Voice Over)
  42. Zumbalu

Mugaya Faizo