Kawooya Ronald a.k.a Ronnie Lee


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Kawooya Ronald
  • Phone: +256786755818
  • Email: kawooyaronnie0199@gmail.com­­­­­­­­­



He was born in Lwengo Masaka district and started his acting carrier after joining Ramon film production {Wakaliwood} in 2018 being inspired by other young Ugandan actors such as Selunya Annest, Kizza Manisuru, Bisaso Dauda and some foreign actors e.g. Jacky Chan, Bruce Lee etc.

Kawooya Ronald says that joining Wakaliwood {rip} was one of his unbelievable life moments because he was able to interact with the real people who inspired him and saw his acting dream coming true because during the time in wakaliwood {rfp} he acted in different movies such as –>boda boda killer –>abaana ba mzee chanc being instructed by mr.nabwaana  igg.

Going farther with acting, he later joined Shiarona film production in 2019 where he saw more blessings of being a famous actor and what made him being a blessed man as he says. He went on acting best in Shiarona movies such as->Namyekozo ku love nigger ->Beere lya namagoye->omulangira w’obugagga ->ekoligo ly’ekilamo etc.

Apart from acting, he found other activities in Shiarona film production. E.g. music dance & drama and kiman lee fitness club.this made him happy because leaving alone acting, he started kungfu training/martial arts in kiman man lee fitness club under the same film production being instructed by kiman lee [kizza manisuru ssejjemba]

.the happiness and proudness came as a result that ronald at first was once inspired by the above forein actors who were also doing the same {martial arts/kungfu} ronald saw that film industry was his destination because he met all his insperations and he is ready to build his dreams come true.

Till now kawooya ronald is an actor in shiiarona film productions and still acting in more movies of different types like>action,series,love stories,horors and so on.